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Sungai Pertak – Camping 29/8/2011

The camping trip was long overdue. With Arun and Dex bugging me like forever, I was so waiting t o organise something like this. Then again, it was a sad thing that some people I would have loved to have on the trip could not make it.

As usual, I slaved my way through Saturday preparing for the trip with all the items, Arun following me later part of the day to buy groceries was a good idea. We overstocked food and equipment i think and personally, I didnt care so much as the campsite was 1 minute away from the cars…. so we drove there with three cars loaded with things both useful and pointless… a first for me personally…. As for overstocked food, it was a chillax camp, eating was supposed to be part of the trip.  You’ll find out soon enough what was the spread for the three days.

A few things I noticed that had changed was the whole gang’s sense of ownership for the trip… in the past, it was always me, me, me and me who will be running around preparing for the trip… but this time, it was a pleasant turn of events with the boys chipping in, taking charge…

Hope that some day will come when I sit back, drive up, and just camp…. leave the organising to the champions…..but for what its worth, Thanks Guys, you did well….

Day 1

We actually got very little sleep the night before…. Command and Conquer seemed to be a hit with the gang, ( I Dont like COD)… and we played and got back to the house only at 4.30 AM.

Packed up, and left at approximately 6.45AM… was not a very long drive… we got there at about 8.30AM or so…. and the construction began……

Posing in front of the Selangor Dam from left: Stephen, Dex, Arun, Mohan, Kanthan, Thiru, Ben & Prem

work in progress….

Camping Safety

Camping Safety

 Here are some helpful tips and information so that you will be well prepared for your camping trip.
  1. Plan your trip so that you arrive at your actual campsite with enough daylight left to check over the entire campsite and to set-up camp.
  2. Be sure to check the site thoroughly for glass, sharp objects, branches that could fall or are hung low.
  3. Check the contour of the land and look for potential trouble due to rain. Check for areas that could flood or become extremely muddy and cause problems.
  4. Look for level with enough room to spread out all your camping gear.
  5. Look for a site that has trees or shrubs on the side of the prevailing winds. This will help block the wind if it should gust or get quite strong.
  6. Check for potential hazards at the campsite such as: poison ivy, bees, ants, sharp objects and other dangerous areas.
  7. Fire is of prime concern at the campsite. Be sure you have an area for a fire that cannot spread laterally or vertically. When ever a fire is lit at the campsite be sure that someone is assigned to watch it at all times. Keep water nearby for emergencies. Be sure that when you put the fire out you use water and soil and be certain that the fire is completely out, cool to the touch. Embers buried within the pile of ashes have a tendency to reignite later.
  8. Keep your campsite fires to an absolute minimum at all times.
  9. Dispose of all trash properly in the proper recycling bins if available.
  10. Return the campsite to its original condition for the next camper if you disturb it in any way.
  11. Don’t forget your good recycling habits on vacation. They are just as important camping as they are at home.
  12. RV campers should be extremely careful to travel on proper roads within the site so as not to get stuck. Not all roads within the site are made for an R.V.
  13. Check your R.V. before leaving home, on route, at the campsite upon arrival and before departure for any damage, repairs or maintenance problems.
  14. Make sure everyone in the R.V. is using seat belts whenever possible. That includes passengers as well.
  15. Your holding tanks should be using non-toxic chemicals at all times.


Safety Outdoors

  1. Keep first aid supplies and emergency telephone numbers accessible at all times.
  2. Know where the nearest telephone or ranger station is located and if possible, carry a cell phone.
  3. Dress children in several layers of clothing. The inner layer should be a breathable, synthetic material that pulls moisture from the skin.
  4. Remember, a child’s body temperature changes faster than adults.
  5. Check the weather forecast before you leave.
  6. Pack essentials, such as flashlights, extra food, water, and rain gear in case of bad weather.
  7. Make sure sleeping bags are clean, warm and dry.
  8. Inform others where you are camping and when you’ll return.
  9. Teach kids these skills and how to be safe and responsible in the outdoors.

An Effective Packing List for a Family Camping Trip

After experimenting with so many types of equipment and setup, I have managed to come up with a list that now serves as a good platform for me to prepare for pretty much any camping trip.

When we used to camp before, we used to move a ton of equipment in and out of the jungle and ultimately, I found it to be an extremely expensive, tedious affair to prepare and bring those items. Every camping trip felt like a 300 participant Jamboree.

This list serves up a good list of equipment for rainforest camping for a group of about 10 campers.


  • tarp (1: Kitchen 1 : campsite canopy 1 : open space 1 : standby
  • tent X2
  • groundsheets – all
  • garbage bags ( black ) for waterproofing
  • thin string / rope for tying tarp
  • duct tape for repairs
  • silicone seal
  • cangkul
  • hammer
  • nails
  • parang X 3
  • small saw

Cooking Utensils

  • stove
  • gas canisters
  • bbq pit / wire mesh
  • charcoal
  • fire starter
  • candles
  • kerosene
  • pot X 2
  • mess X 4
  • plastics plates
  • kuali X 2
  • fork and spoon
  • knife
  • can opener
  • soup ladle
  • ladle
  • stirrer
  • plastic container
  • rubber band
  • plastic bags ( food bags )
  • platics wrap
  • alum foil
  • water container
Safety Equipment & Lighting

  • pelita
  • lantern
  • mantle
  • candles
  • fire starter
  • torchlight
  • batteries
  • headlamp
  • cooking light
  • kerosene
  • multi tool
  • rope
  • parang
  • rafia
  • duct tape
  • zip tie
  • wires
  • sulphur
  • insect repellant
  • mosquito coil
  • long stick
  • kindling
  • broom / rake
  • life jackets


  • dishwash
  • rags
  • toilet paper
  • newspaper
  • garbage pags
  • sponge and metal scrub
  • pails
  • gayung
  • sieve
  • funnel
  • small rubber tube
  • gloves